Red Stag hunting in Argentina

Hunt the big Red Stags in Patagonia - Argentina

Red Stag hunting with horses in the Pampa of Patagonia

Red Stag hunting in Bariloche - Our hunting program offers a very special hunt for some of the finest free range Red Stag in Argentina. Hunting in the Mountain chains is one of the best places to be in contact with huge red stag trophies in Argentina, probably one of the last remaining areas of authentic wild open hunt in the world. The surrounding landscape includes lush green valleys irrigated by small creeks, set against a backdrop of high peaks. It is these rich pastures that concentrate the game, in particular the red stag that come here to feed. The Red Stag hunting season occurs during the rut—known in Argentina as “The Brama”, from March thru May with mid of March to mid of April being the peak of the roaring season.

The vast estancia is entirely un-fenced and hunters typically encounter several herds of deer throughout the day. Each hunter is accompanied by one of our guides, with an intimate knowledge of the terrain. Guests will move to the chosen hunting grounds by a combination of trucks and horses and then progress on foot for the hunt. You will be departing the lodge well before dawn and drives will vary depending on the chosen hunting area, usually between 10 to 45 minutes away. When on horseback, the hunting party will be accompanied also by a gaucho (Wrangler), who will take care of the horses. Hunters will return to the lodge at midday for lunch and a siesta. The evening hunt lasts until dark.

In the same trip during the spring months of November and December as well as the fall months of March, April and May guests can hunt quail. Wild quail thrive in the area, and there may not be a more spectacular place in the world to walk behind trained pointers in pursuit of these exciting game birds.

For Patagonia, we offer different accommodations depending on group sizes and logistics. The main Lodge with its cozy country style, the traditional Wooden Mountain Cabin and the Stone Mountain Cabin. Gourmet dining with Argentina’s famed beef and fine wines, traditional asados (BBQ) and delicious desserts – Maid and laundry service. Sometimes we also stay in the field in warm wagons or tents.

Dove & Duck shooting - Argentina has an amazing potential for Wingshooting. Cordoba, the so called Dove shooting capital of the World, with its rich cornfields offers an annual amount of over 30 million Doves and Pidgeon.  On the shores of the Panara River and the San Javier River you find some of the best Duck and Partridge shooting in Argentina. Here you will get the best Argentine hunts accompanied with first-class accommodations and service that is second to none. If your dream is to go on a hunt that is unlike any other we have a lot in store for you. In Argentina we are offering 4 unique and luxury Lodges for Dove, Pidgeon and Duck shooting.

For more detailed information please visit our specialized page Absolute Wingshooting.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
San Martin de los Andes & 4 Luxury Bird Lodges

Best for
Red Stag, Quail, Dove, Pidgeo, Duck, Partridge

Hunting season
Red Stag - March to June

Birds - All year

Best time to go

Red Stag - Rut from March - May 15th

Birds - July to April


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