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The best Boc Balear hunting in Mallorca - Spain

Red Legged Partridge hunting in Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island in the in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. The Island is synonymous with world-renowned beaches and coves, but is also a perfect destination to enjoy countryside sport and hunting. We offer two great areas for Bird shooting and Boc Balear hunting in Mallorca – each is different but both are top notch.

The Hunting Estate Las Barracas - Mallorca is one of the best known Holliday destinations in Europe. But only few know that Mallorca also offers one of the best Partridge and Duck Shooting Estates in Spain. The Hunting Estate “Las Barracas situated between Calviá and Andratx, comprise almost 1.000 hectares and offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana mountains. The area’s unique terrain, climate and vegetation make it the ideal location for driven and walked-up partridge shooting between September and the following spring. Our traditional driven partridge shoots are organized for groups of up to 10 guns, with an anticipated bag of 500 partridges per day over 5 drives. The Duck shooting is organized at 3 ponds at the Estate offering some very nice shoots at fast and high birds. The excellent team of professional gamekeepers, beaters, loaders, kitchen staff, etc. allow us to guarantee our guests unforgettable shooting days. Accommodation is in very nice country Hotels nearby or in Palma, or in the new refurbished luxury lodge in the Estate opening spring 2017.

Cap Formentor Mallorca - Mallorca is not only famous for the beautiful beaches, the breathtaking scenery and the fantastic food and wine but also for a very special hunting species called “Boc Balear”. The Balearean Boc is a wild goat that inhabits the Tramuntana range, and you can only find him in Mallorca. The trophies often offered at the mainland of Spain are hybrid goats. It has a reddish fur, a black cross on its back, a black beard and horns that grow sideways. It is a medium-size goat whose horns grow up to 90 cm. Cap Formentor is a straight and long area with dense forests and high mountains, covering almost 4000 ha, that stands between the choppy seas of the northern Majorcan coast and the serene waters of the bay of Pollença. The hunt is a very hard walk and stalk. While searching for the perfect Boc you have to go through different altitudes and zones of vegetation. So be sure, that you are fit. The new SCI world record Boc was taken here in 2015. Accommodation is in very nice country Hotels nearby or in Palma, or in a luxury hunting lodge in the Estate.

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Different Areas in Mallorca

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Red Legged Partridge, Duck, Boc Balear

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September - March

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September - March


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