Chamois, Roe Buck and Red Stag hunting in France

Walk and stalk Roe Buck, Red Stag and Chamois in France

Luxury Big Game hunting in France

Famous for its food, wine and culture, France offers also a rich history of almost two thousand years of hunting. Blessed with large tracts of forests, two mountainous regions, and vast rolling agricultural lands, France provides huge areas for hunting. Together with our partners we offer hunting areas for European Mouflon Sheep, Red Deer, Pyrenean and Alpine Chamois, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Wild Boar.

Toulouse – Here we have access to some of the best areas for Roe Buck hunting in south France. We are hunting in different estates from 1000 ha – 9000 ha. The amount of Roe Bucks you see every day is amazing and combined with the good food and wine of the region, this area is a perfect destination for the enthusiastic Buck hunters.

Mountain Areas - (for Pyrenean Chamois, Alpine Chamois, Mouflon Sheep, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar) in the southern part of France in the Pyrenean and Alpine Mountains. Here we can offer some very good areas for hunting on big trophies in the mountains. We offer one great package for Red Stag & Chamois hunting in the same area during the Red Stag rut. Please ask for our special offer.

Driven Wild Boar - We have access to some of the best areas in France for driven Wild Boar. No matter whether you want to hunt in Burgundy, in the South or near Paris – we will find the right place for you. Please contact us for an individual offer.

Accommodation - The accommodations we offer are quite different, depending to the area and your wishes. Stay in historic chateaux, luxury manor houses or traditional hunting houses, everything is possible. For your entire stay, you will have an English spoken guide. In addition to the hunting we can offer you a tailor-made program for a sightseeing tour through France. Even a tour to different destinations for different trophies is possible.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different areas all over France

Best for
Red Stag, Fallo Deer, Roe Buck, Wild Boar, Chamois and Mouflon

Hunting season
August - January

Best time to go 
September - January