Sitatunga hunting in Uganda

Hunt the Ghost of the Swamps and the famous Nile Buffalo in Uganda

Sitatunga and Nile Buffalo hunting in the Swamps of Uganda

Uganda is one of the most interesting hunting countries in Africa. Especially if you want to hunt Sitatunga – this is the place to go. Our safaris for the elusive ghost of the swamp, the Sitatunga, are undertaken in the Kafu River Basin and in the papyrus belts along the banks of River Nile. Our areas hold the highest density of Sitatunga anywhere in Africa. It is not uncommon to see between 7 to 25 Sitatunga - males, females & young ones, daily in the course of your safari.

Our hunting season is from January through November. It rains all year round with slightly more rain on average in April-June and November. However, the rainfall varies from year-to-year. Some species move with the rain, but we hunt where the animals are. The best time to hunt Buffalo and Hartebeest is during the months of December to end of April. After that the grass is too high and hunting buffalo becomes challenging. All other species can be hunted all year round. We are hunting in 4 different hunting areas.

Kafu River Basin - The huge Kafu River Basin stretches along Lake Kyoga, Kafu & Mayanja Rivers covering about 5,000,000 hectares. The landscape in Kafu consists mainly of Papyrus swamps and dense bush thickets making it a prime hunting ground for the East African Sitatunga, East African Bush Duiker, East African Bohor Reedbuck, Nile Bushbuck, Ugandan Defassa Waterbuck, Leopard, Common Oribi and Bush Pig. We hunt in Kafu from January to December. This is the best concession for big Sitatunga. Our average is 26 inch with quite a few bulls taken in the 29 to 31.5 inch range.

Aswa Lolim Ranches - The former Aswa Lolim Wildlife Reserve was degazetted under Idi Amin. Although many commercial farmers have settled in this prime hunting ground, it is still realistic to get Nile Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Hartebeest and Waterbuck. Aswa Lolim lies on the eastern side of the Nile and covers 500,000 hectares.  The landscape is dominated by light rolling grass hills with palm trees, small valleys with creeks and light forest. Near the river you find dense forests and large stretches of papyrus swamps. We hunt in Aswa-Lolim from January to end of April.

Karamoja North - Our Karamoja concessions are stretching over 5 million hectares from Kidepo National Park all the way to Central Karamoja. They include 7 Districts and 2 Wildlife Reserves and are rich in Buffalo, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Oribi, Eastern Bohor Reedbuck, Chanler’s Mountain Reedbuck, Gunther’s Dik Dik and East African Defassa Waterbuck and Warthog. We can hunt in Karamoja during the entire season. However, the prime season being from January to September.

Ajai Wildlife Reserve - Ajai is situated on the West bank of the Albert Nile between Wadelai Fort of Emin Pasha and the hunting camp of Roosevelt called Rhino Camp! Ajai has got Sitatunga, Uganda Kob, East African Defassa Waterbuck, Baboons, Warthog and Bush Pigs. During 2015 we are going to trans-locate more Kob, Hartebeest, Waterbuck and Bushbuck to this reserve to increase the game populations in general. We hunt in Ajai from January to end of April.

Accommodation - Your lodging in the field will be either in traditional East African safari tents (Kyankwansi Block, Karamoja & Lake Mburo) or traditional grass thatched tented bungalows (Mayanja Lodge) serviced for by trained staff. Our field cooks provide three solid meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) per day. All our camps & lodges are semi-permanent structures equipped with 24/7 power supply and satellite internet. The internet can only be used for emails and Skype calls.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
4 different hunting areas

Best for
Sitatunga, Nile Buffalo, Nile Bushbuck, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi, Duiker, Reedbuck, Uganda Kob, Impala, Hartebeest, Topi, Eland

Hunting season
All Year

Best time to go 
December - April