Lord Derby Eland hunting in Cameroon

Hunt the famous Gray Ghost of Africa - The Giant Eland

Big Game & Antelope hunting in the Savannah of Cameroon

Welcome to one of the last really wild hunting countries. Cameroon offers a wide and unique variety of Species for hunters interested in hunting big game in West Africa. What makes hunting in Cameroon so attractive is the fact that the game roams totally free. This means Cameroon offers you a traditional African hunt, tracking your trophy through unspoiled wilderness. An abundance of game with some species which can only be hunted in Cameroon are found like Lord Derby Eland, West Africa Savannah Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Lion, Hippopotamus, Western Kob, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck, Red River Hog etc..

All our Savannah Safaris are run out of two Camps / Areas, Faro Coron The Wild Kingdom. The areas are approximately 500 000 Acres, Faro Coron being 200 000 Acres and Wild Kingdom at 300 000 acres. The topography changes from open plains, hills and wooded savannah along the Faro River. The majority of the hunt will be spent tracking the animal. As this is done on foot, it can be physically tiring, but at the same time extremely rewarding. Temperatures gradually increases from December to March with the first rains expected towards the end of April. The recommended hunting period is from Dec 1st to May 31st for Savannah hunts. 

Faro Coron Camp - Built on the banks of the Faro River, the Camp consists of 8 spacious and comfortable Boukarous (Chalets). Each Boukarou has a King Size Bed with a mosquito net and is equipped with a bathroom that has hot & cold running water and a flush toilet. Electricity is provided to the Camp using solar panels. After a long day of hunting and tracking you can relax in the evening with cocktails being served on the terrace, and game like Western Kob and Hippopotamus can be seen near the water’s edge. Delicious meals are prepared for you in a fully equipped European kitchen and served in the restaurant overlooking the Faro River. A lounge area, skinning shed to prepare and keep all trophies safe and Garage makes up the rest of the Faro Coron Camp.

Wild Kingdom Camp - This Camp is higher up on the Faro River Bank and has 6 comfortable Boukarous. King Size beds with mosquito nets and bathrooms that have hot & cold running water and flush toilets in each with electricity provided using solar panels. A huge terrace provides a beautiful view overlooking the Faro River. Clear running water offers a chance to cool down in the natural pools of water surrounded by untouched nature. Excellent Tiger Fishing can be enjoyed while taking a break or after a successful hunt. Fresh Fruit and vegetables grown in camp make part of your daily meals.

The areas are new to the US market as they were kept as private hunting areas by the previous owner for about 15 years. This has created an abundance of game with high trophy quality. Under new management we are confident enough to offer a guaranteed shot opportunity on Lord Derby Eland, as we continue keeping quotas to a sustainable use and securing the best hunting for the future.

We offer different packages and hunting plans – so please come back to us for your individual proposal. Looking forward to welcome you in Cameroon

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Faro Coron & The Wild Kingdom, 500.000 acres

Best for
Lord Derby Eland, West African Savannah Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Lion, Hippopotamus, Western Kob, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck, Red River Hog.

Hunting season
December - May

Best time to go 
February - April