Red Stag and Gredos Ibex hunting & Traditional Monteria in Spain

Hunt the biggest Red Stags and Ibex in Spain

Red Stag and Gredos Ibex Hunting in Spain

Spain is a fantastic hunting Country. Here you can find all European Big Game species, but also the Spanish Ibex and some very interesting Goats like the Boc Balear. The climate and the available nutrition produce also some of the biggest Red Stags in Europe. Beside of the normal hunting techniques Spain offers also a really great way of driven hunts – the famous Monteria. The Monteria is a uniquely traditional Spanish type of shoot, the origins of which go back hundreds of years. A daily bag of 80 -200 red stag, wild boar, mouflon and hinds is normal and makes this way of hunting unique in Europe.

El Gargantón Estate - The Finca situated in the foothills of the Montes de Toledo, has belonged to the Pérez- Andújar family since 1950. In historic hunting literature, it features as an emblematic game reserve. There are different open shooting grounds “manchas” designated for traditional Monterías – they are well known in Spain for their high quality hunts. An intensive activity in livestock, agriculture, forestry and game development has been pursued, while always seeking excellence in each field. Given the carefully planned maintenance of the shooting grounds, tracks and fire-breaks, every type of shooting can be pursued within the estate’s 7.000 hectares: traditional monterías, smaller groups or driven game, night watches for wild boar or stalking.

Accommodation is in the El Garganton Lodge. Here you are like a private guest. The main house and side bungalows can sleep up to 20 guests in an agreeable family atmosphere in which the best local food and fine wines can be enjoyed. Everything is prepared and looked after to provide memorable shooting days.

Gargantas de Gredos - Welcome to the best free range hunting area for the famous Gredos Ibex in Spain, covering an area of approximately 5.000 hectares and a perimeter of about 26 km in the heart of the Gredos Mountains. The elevation ranges from 560-2260 meters and the altitude variation of more than 1,700 meters between the peaks and the lowest areas allows the existence of multiple habitats: deciduous forest, holm oaks, broom area and heathland and alpine meadows, which generate internal migration of animals from one place to another, depending on the season. Stalking is the only technique used to hunt game here. The property has some roads to the lower lodges and the middle levels, but the rest of the area must be covered on foot or by mountain horses. Hunting period runs from 1st of September till end of April. The rut of the Capra starts from November till December.

The property has 2 luxury lodges in the lower area and 3 in the intermediate areas. All of them are very comfortable and staffed by servants and cooks. It also has 7 shelters at different altitudes where hunters and guides can spend the night if bad weather sets in.

The Hunting Estate Las Lomas - Las Lomas is the best well-known private estate near Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia - Spain for Red Deer hunting, also famous for its extremely good management and the quality of their trophies. You can shoot for sure the biggest Red Stag of the country in an incredible environment where you’ll feel the magical moment of the hunt. There is the possibility to shoot stags with a phenomenal trophy every year due to our natural management. There is no other place in Spain that can offer this quality of trophies. You will be accompanied by a guide-interpreter and gamekeeper to make you feel comfortable and make sure that you enjoy the hunt. The rutting season takes place during the beginning of autumn. This are the best days for hunting stags, even though you will be able to hunt stags until the end of January. The accommodations are also exceptional during the stay. They will be in luxury hotels or luxury private houses for the group near the Estate.

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Hunting Area
Different Areas in Spain

Best for
Red Stag, Ibex, Wild Boar, Mouflon, Roe Buck

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August - April

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September - January



Finca El Garganton

Monteria at El Garganton