Roe Buck, Wild Boar, Deer & Geese and Duck hunting in Sweden

Hunt the famous Bucks & Birds of Sweden

Roe Buck hunting & Bird shooting in South Sweden

Hunting in Sweden is quite different from hunting in other European countries. The country is still full of wilderness and the forests are dense. We offer beautiful hunts in the soft agricultural country of southern Sweden for Roebuck, Moose, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Ducks and Geese. You can participate in driven hunts, individual stalk hunts, and bird hunts. We have access to different areas for the individual hunts.

Roe Buck is probably the most wanted Trophy in Europe and Sweden has the best quality of bucks in Europe. Typical for the Swedish bucks is that they are not that heavy but the antlers are very long, average length is 26 cm. We have different areas between 6000 -10.000 ha where you can hunt with a professional guide or on your own. Some of these areas also provide fantastic hunts on Wild Boar. Accommodation is mostly in typical Swedish Holiday Cottages or small country Hotels.

The Hunting Castle Stora Sundby offers some of the best Duck, Pheasant, Deer, Moose and Wild Boar hunting in South Sweden. On 5000 ha you can shoot driven Ducks and Pheasant, driven Wild Boar and stalk on Deer and Moose. As a visitor at Stora Sundby, you are accommodated in one of the castle’s magnificent guest rooms with original interiors from the 19th century. We are also able to offer self-catering accommodation in the Steward’s House close to the castle, with space for 8-12 guests, or in Sand, the house on the shore of Lake Hjälmaren, which can accommodate 6-8 people.

Sweden is one of the best destinations for high volume Geese shooting. What makes Sweden unique is the species of geese that are available to be hunted and that we don´t have any bag limit. Every year we are having days with over 300 geese. Sweden is one of the few places where Barnacle geese can be hunted in Europe! They are not resident geese they are real migrant Canada’s. The majority of the hunts are field hunts and take place over harvested fields, winter crops that have been planted and grass fields. All hunting is from layout blinds over spreads of Greylag and Canada decoys. The accommodation is an experience by itself. Hunters will be staying exclusively at an old castle that is situated in fantastic calm, beautiful surroundings framed by a lake.

More detailed info about the Bird shooting you will find at our Wingshooting page – Absolute Wingshooting.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Diverent Areas

Best for
Roe Buck, Fallow and Red Deer, Moose, Wild Boar, Geese, Duck and Pheasant

Hunting season
August - January

Best time to go 
September - January



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